Investing Partners

Why Partner with TBL?

TBL has a deep liquidity pool to provide digital assets for HNW individuals or professional traders with an easy to use exclusive Crypto Banking partnership that we are bringing for the industry. We also provide a Crypto exit for those who want to come out from their long-term Crypto position and enjoy high end products like Diamonds, Real Estate and Luxury Cars with a hassle-free process. Partnership with us means access to liquidity pool and high-end products in a frictionless process.
































Dalipi Holding is a pioneering global investor, deploying capital with integrity and ingenuity to accelerate economic growth for the long-term benefit of Dubai. READ MORE


Prudence provide empowerment tools, intelligent insight, focused guidance and precise solutions to enable organizations to produce sustainable value for their stakeholders and clients and to inspire organizations to excel. READ MORE


    The SDDC (Swiss Diamond Dealers Club ) is an exclusive institution, whose history, traditions and facilities make it unique in SWITZERLAND. Members subscribe to, and are bound by, a strict code of ethics and best business practice. READ MORE


      Since 2003, Etihad Airways have evolved from a regional carrier into a global aviation challenger. Through creativity and innovation, we’re committed to providing choice and value in Abu Dhabi and around the world. READ MORE