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Collateral Loans

5% (Interest starting from 5% APR)

Why sell your Bitcoins?

Borrow Cash

Our instant collateral loans will allow clients to have full ownership of their digital assets. You can now meet short or long term financial commitments without selling your crypto and lose long term price appreciation.

Our crypto loans are designed to bring a significant amount of fiat liquidity into the Crypto Market. We cater to high net worth clients who require substantially large loans customised to their needs.

Our Typical Clients:

High Net Worth Individuals
Institutional Investors
Hedge Funds & Asset Managers
Crypto Miners & Liquidity Providers
Exchanges and Trading Platform

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Get access to an instant Crypto Credit Line and secure a loan

Loan Amount

We can offer upto $200 million USD loan amounts per single contract.



Loan Insurance

We use the Industry standard insurance cover to protect crypto collateral.



We carry out KYC and AML to adhere   with the global compliance standards.


no credit checks

A Simple Process

TBL does not require any credit checks to provide an instant loan to clients. The digital asset as collateral is sufficient to secure the loan.

There is no need to close long-term digital asset positions to meet any short term financial needs. With a TBL collateralised loan, the worry of tax risks is minimised specifically CGT liability, as opposed to selling crypto assets. You are in full control of profits and costs.

Our Loan Offers:

Minimum loan value of $100,000 USD
Upto $200 million USD/contract
Flexible Loan to Value (LTV) from 50% to 70%
Typical interest rate between 5% to 9% APR
We will consider most propositions of large loans.


We would like to answer all your questions. If you need further assistance or clarity, please contact us.

What fiats are available for a loan?

You can get instant loans in USD, EUR, GBP and CHF by depositing your crypto assets securely into your TBL account.

What crypto can be used as collaterals?

At the moment, we can only accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

How long are the loan terms?

A minimum duration of 3 months to 2 years (and above with customised loans). We also offer multiple large loan agreements per client and provide a portfolio valuation of client’s borrowing limits.

How is the interest calculated?

Interest is calculated daily, and less than one day is calculated as one day. The interest rate is determined by the date you make the loan.

What is LTV?

LTV is the value of your loan to the value of your collateral. The price used here is Index Price. Different collateral coins have different initial LTVs, which means when you use different coins as collateral of the same value, the loan you make is of a different value too.

How do I repay the interest and principal?

Until our blockchain platform is ready, the payment process is done manually. The interest and the principal will have to pay on the wallet you will be provided.

Can I make a full repayment before the due date?

Provided you have completed the minimum loan period, you can settle your loan in advance. 

What happens if the value of the collateral decreases significantly?

Your account manager monitors the value of collateral against the loan principal using the LTV as detailed on your agreement. If the value of collateral breaches the safe level, we will commence margin call procedures so that you can increase the collateral. You will have 12 hours to provide the additional collateral to bring the LTV back to safe level.

What do I have to do when I receive a margin call?

A margin call can be resolved by following the instructions outlined as per the loan contract. You will also be communicated via email and other means of reminders. The details of the instructions include;


  1.   How much collateral will need to send to maintain your LTV.
  2.   Where to send the collateral, this will be a wallet address stipulated in your loan agreement.
  3.   And how long you have before you default on your loan.


What happens if I fail to act on the margin call?

As part of your loan agreement, failure to act on a margin call will result in a default. The collateral will be liquidated and portion of the over collateralised asset will be returned back to you.

How long will it take to receive my collateral back once the loan has matured?

Once you paid the loan principal and the interest, we will send the collateral back to you. The time it takes will be entirely dependent on block processing times on the blockchain.