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TBL is a member of a Diamond Dealers Club

The Diamond Dealers Club was founded in 2019 to unite the diamond industry in Switzerland. Providing an environment for the trading of diamonds, within a set of trading practices ecompassing a legal, Ethical framework to enact regulations for members and protect consumer confidence.

Ethics, good business practice and morality are paramount and these are protected vigorously by the Constitution of the Diamond Dealers Club which provides for Arbitration and Disciplinary procedures against any club member who transgresses the Clubs code of practice.The Club’ is an exclusive institution, whose history, traditions and facilities make it unique in SWITZERLAND. Members subscribe to, and are bound by, a strict code of ethics and best business practice.

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Sample stock

Our Unique Diamond Collections

Fancy Intense Pink

Pearl Modified Brilliant 13.20 ct.

Ƀ 305.0000


Fancy Intense Pink

Pearl Modified Brilliant 3.01ct.

Ƀ 60.0000


Fancy Deep purple

Cushion Modified Brilliant 11.06 ct.

 Ƀ 155.0000


Purplish Pink Pear








Purplish Pink 3.53 ct and

fancy Intense pink 0.84 ct.

Fancy Intense Yellow








Yellow Cut Cornered

Square Modified 40.89 ct.

Fancy Intense Blue








Oval blue 3.07 ct and

two heart shaped pink 1.22ct.

Fancy Vivid Blue

Heart Modified Brilliant Blue 3.42 ct.

Ƀ 129.0000


Pink Square








Square Modified Pink 8.03 ct.

Clear Emerald

Clear Emerald Cut 102.18 ct.

 Ƀ 390.0000


What we offer

We develop relationships that make positive difference in our patron’s lives


We provide exceptional quality & unsurpassed service that, together deliver premium value to our patrons.


To deliver tools for both Diamond wholesalers and Jewellery retailers to increase their sales.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitment.

How to get your Diamond

Open an account

Complete the application form and email it back to us.


Successfully complete the KYC/AML process.

Select Your Diamond

Select the diamond you want to buy from our inventory and lock the price.

Deposit funds

Deposit the equivalent amount of BTC in your designated client wallet.


The ownership of the diamond will be transferred to you.

Physical Delivery

The diamond will be delivered to you by Malca-Amit within 48hrs.

Members Benefits

  • Code of Ethics.
  • Club Dinners at national and international jewellery shows.
  • International Connections & Networking opportunities.
  • Industry information and training will be emailed to you from around the world. 
  • Virtual online meetings.
  • Face to face meetings per year with the location changing from state to state.
  • 1-day workshop featuring experts within other industries.
  • De Beers training  for staff and managers at a discounted fee.
  • Whatsapp Buy & Sell Diamond. Demand from member to member.
  • Nationwide marketing to promote Club members to the public via Hubspot platform.
  • Members certificate and ID badge.