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The rise of Bitcoin technologies has already made a significant impact on the business world today. TBL goal is to provide you with everything you need to succeed in your Bitcoin project. Our unparalleled team of specialists is here to advise you on all manner of cryptocurrency related topics. Take advantage of our adaptable consulting services that can be tailored specifically to the unique needs of any individual or business.

Our services includes:

Buying and Selling Bitcoin.
Transaction Banking Services.
Digital Custodian Services.
Client & Investment Solutions.
Digital Assets to acquire Property, Gems, & Cars.
Trading Platform.

Who benefits from our service?

HNW client wants to buy or sell BTC.
Estate Agent, E-Commerce and Gambling Platforms want to buy or sell BTC.
OTC platform who wants to have access to liquidity.
Bitcoin Miner who wants to liquidate your asset.
Professional trader or an individual who wants to buy or sell Bitcoin.

Don’t Settle For Less

Your Benefits

TBL has a seasoned brokerage team consists of cryptocurrency specialists, primarily providing 24/7 liquidity for Bitcoin and Ethereum and bespoke consultation services for a wide range of clients.



We are team of seasoned

specialist with many years of

experiences in the crypto industry.

We know what it takes.




Tailored Service


A 1-on-1 superb, high-touch service

tailored for your specific needs

in every step, from the initial stage

to final execution.





In addition to our experts, be ahead

of the curve and benefit

from a broader scope combining

digital and traditional assets.


What do you need to do?

TBl will guide you in every step of the way.














How can we help?







Do you need more information about our service or do you have a special request? please let us know, we are happy to help.

Email us for a quote,


Contact us

Email us or give us a call and explaining as much detail as you can about your background informationa and what service you are looking for.


Price quote

Once we assessed your information, we will come back to you with a price quote tailored to your specific need.

Deposit your fund

Deposit the equivalent amount of BTC in your designated client wallet.

Service delivery

If you need our service over the phone, we will arrange a call with one of our agents and who will give you a step by step guide. On the other hand, if you require our service as a report, we will send you a comprehensive report that will walk you through step by step guide.