Expanding Bitcoin Capability

TBL Bank is licensed and regulated bank seamlessly providing a dual economic financial and digital asset gateway. A one-stop bank, to manage and trade your cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets, purchase prestige cars, Properties and Diamonds.

Our services include:

Transaction Banking Services
Digital Custodian Services
Client & Investment Solutions
Digital Assets to acquire Property, Gems, & Cars
Trading Platform

Who is TBL suitable for?

Who chose TBL?


Banks that are interested in meeting their customers’ growing demand for digital assets in a secure framework and accessing opportunities to participate in the new digital financial economy.


Investors & Family Offices

Professional Investors and Family Offices wanting to invest in new asset classes in a trusted set-up and get access to specialised investment strategies.

Asset Managers

Asset Managers intending to access new investment possibilities – through regulated, safe and vertically integrated services including storage, trading and asset management.


Blockchain Companies

Blockchain Companies aiming to hold and manage crypto and fiat currencies in one place as well as tokenize assets according to their needs.


Don’t Settle For Less

Your Benefits

TBL closes the gap between the digital asset world and traditional banks by providing new standards in Safety, Performance and Transparency.



Be assured that your assets are managed

and stored in the most protecte

and trusted environment.






Get one central access point to the

new financial economy and experience 

easy and seamless banking. 





Be ahead of the curve and benefit

from a broader scope combining

digital and traditional assets.